Consulting services

With over 30 years of experience in all plant operations, Dunlavy Contracting will work with all aspects of your operational team to help with any issues you may have. Our areas of expertise include Slaughter, Fabrication, Shipping, Maintenance, Purchasing, Food Safety, USDA mediation, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Further processing, Grinding, Process Flow, HR, Insurance, Purchasing, Transportation, Maintenance programs, Wastewater and IT.  The project isn’t over once the building is complete. We can get your vision started with Business plans, executive summaries and Strategic planning and brand development. We will provide start-up services and mentor and grow your team members. We can also be available with temporary management or SWAT Team if emergency needs arise.

Plant Management

Dunlavy can perform consulting services that can perform in any department in a facility. Specializing in Start-ups, turnarounds and troubleshooting. The technical services portion of the company’s strategic plan is one that takes resources to build that may not be available full time once the plan is implemented

Plant Start-Up

Dunlavy Contracting has a team with extensive experience with plant start-ups. Covers all operational, food safety and mechanical applications. Specializing in Preventative Maintenance, Operational and Training programs. We can provide those extra resources backed by experience during the most crucial times in any business: start-ups, growth/expansion or turnarounds.

Food Safety

Your food safety program is the cornerstone of your company and brand.  We can write and install your food safety programs.  Our programs are complete installation with all programs, supporting documentation, SSOP, HACCP, SOP’s, GMP, Validation, Verifications, Direct Observation, Export programs, label approvals. We will help with your USDA Grant of Inspection and validation and our programs designed to pass the BRC or SQF global food safety programs. We can help you with anything from a comprehensive program for a whole plant or individual programs as needed.


Dunlavy Consulting can develop your safety program with your team to protect your most valuable resource.

Training Programs

Most states offer training grants to assist in training and development of a new work force. We can help you navigate these programs as well as provide training programs for Food Safety, Operational, Maintenance and Safety, as well as training your management team.

Technical Assistance

Dunlavy Contracting writes grants and provides the technical assistance as needed for items such as Feasibility Studies, Marketing Plans and Executive Summary or Business plans needed to raise capital for your project.