At Dunlavy Contracting, we believe in building successful meat processing systems that include the facility and equipment as well as building the team and providing support. We have done work and have projects planned across the US and abroad.

Plant Design

We can provide the design and contracting services from start to finish. The advantage of working with Dunlavy Contracting is the years of operational experience. We know what works: what is most operationally efficient with employee safety and food safety as priorities.  We have an engineering division and can develop blueprints for your project. We have our own company millwrights to ensure your build will be done to our specific industry specifications and done in a professional manner.   We have partnerships with electrical, refrigeration, civil and mechanical engineering to assure our customers that they are in good hands with our company. All our welders must pass a skills test prior to employment to weld for ADC. Each crew will have a certified welder on the crew for high pressure and structural welding oversight.

New Plants or Plant additions -new plant facilities whether it is a complete build or a partial build, Dunlavy Contracting can build your facilities.  Allen Dunlavy Contracting collaborates with a team of industry experts to facilitate any size build a customer would need. Large or small, we can build your plant faster and better than any of our competitors.

Plant Re-tooling – we can take your existing facility regardless of what stage it is in or what needs to be done and bring it into compliance with USDA, make it more efficient or improve processes that will make your operation more efficient.  We have all the tools and experience to engineer any change you want to see.

Plant Equipment

Plant equipment – Allen Dunlavy Contracting has an equipment building division.  We can build all your equipment for any facility in our state-of-the-art steel fabrication shop.  This is a full line state of the art facility that has experienced help with many years of experience building equipment.  We purchase steel with a large number of partners to keep our prices down and expedite our steel deliveries.  We have a complete equipment design division that can design and build any equipment that you need.  We also partner with several other companies in the automation industry and can automate most equipment for savings in labor and increased efficiency.   We specialize in industry conveyors, stands and equipment accessories.  

New and used equipment – Dunlavy Contracting has relationships with many food industry equipment suppliers for new equipment.  If you are looking for good used equipment, we also have equipment on hand or will locate it for you, rebuild it and install it in your plant with our millwright services.


With over 30 years of experience in all plant operations, Dunlavy Contracting will work with all aspects of your operational team to help with any issues you may have. Our areas of expertise include Slaughter, Fabrication, Shipping, Maintenance, Purchasing, Food Safety, USDA mediation, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Further processing, Grinding, Process Flow, HR, Insurance, Purchasing, Transportation, Maintenance programs, Wastewater and IT.  

The project isn’t over once the building is complete. We can get your vision started with Business plans, executive summaries and Strategic planning and brand development. We will provide start-up services and mentor and grow your team members. We can also be available with temporary management or SWAT Team if the emergency needs arise.

Food Safety – Your food safety program is the cornerstone of your company and brand.  We can write and install your food safety programs.  Our programs are complete installation with all programs, supporting documentation, SSOP, HACCP, SOP’s, GMP, Validation, Verifications, Direct Observation, Export programs, label approvals. We will help with your USDA Grant of Inspection and validation and our programs designed to pass the BRC or SQF global food safety programs.

Maintenance – Your maintenance program is just as important as Food Safety.  We have processes that we put in place that not only keep your plant operations going from day to day, but also set up your entire Preventive Maintenance program for each piece of equipment in your plant, including your suggested parts inventory for your entire plant support.  We also do complete OSHA lock out and tag out programs. We will also manage and operate your operational maintenance for your daily operations including staffing it for your company including the team to do the preventive maintenance for your company.

Wastewater – We work with design and mechanical engineers in the wastewater industry specific to the food processing industry.  We have teamed up with chemical companies to be part of our services to not only build and design wastewater facilities but to manage them and operate them for our customers also.  We will do all your permitting and document control for your permitting processes

Grants and government programs are available for assistance in most states, we will work with the state you in which you are located to get you the most assistance there is out there for you.  We will guide you through this process.

Employee Recruiting – Dunlavy Contracting has a recruiting division that will recruit your employees and management personnel.  Our fees are much less that those of other professional services and in most cases is less than 10% of the wage in comparison to most others that are 30 to 50 percent of the first-year wages.

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